Our customers are the best!.

I want to dedicate this page to all of my wonderful customers. Our sincere thanks to you for your times and your supports at our restaurant. I hope we will see you again and again as we continue to take our pride in maintaining the highest quality and the best services.

These old (some dated 1997) and new pictures will continue to grow on this page. So please welcome to check our new pics any time.

2 thoughts on “Our customers are the best!.”

  1. Paul Ortega said:

    When my husband David asked me where I wanted to celebrate my 48th birthday I immediately responded with L’Olivo because I knew it would include excellent food along with the amazing hospitality that Ruggero and Magie have shown us every time we have been there, no matter the occasion. From the antipasto platters that arrived just as we sat down to the lemon cake at the end of the evening nothing disappointed. Having had the incredible good fortunate to live in Florence and Bologna at two different times in my adult life I can attest that what is happening at L’Olivo in Palm Springs is the real deal. Thank you!

    • Thank Paul so much for your kind words. It was and will always be our pleasures to serve you and your husband, David and all of your friends any time you visit us. Good luck too to David and yours bike race coming up. Let us know of the result afterward.
      Your friends, Roger and Magie.

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